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Privacy Policy

​Bass Brokerage is committed to maintaining your confidence and trust, and accordingly maintains the following privacy policy.


By accessing and using this website, you are deemed to have accepted the terms of our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with any part of this policy, please refrain from using this site. We reserve the right to modify, amend, or delete portions of our Privacy Policy at any time, and any such changes will be posted on this page. Therefore, please check this page periodically for updates. Your continued use of this website after we post any modifications to the Privacy Policy will constitute your acceptance of those changes. This Privacy Policy is effective as of January 1, 2023. If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please contact us via email.


Our Web Sites are set up to track, collect or distribute personal information about its visitors. While it recognizes the home server of visitors it does not recognize e-mail addresses. For example, we can tell which Internet service provider our visitors use, but not the names, addresses or other information about our visitors that would allow us to identify the particular visitors to our sites. We track Statistics but not Personal Information. Our Web sites track information about the visits to our Web sites. For example, we compile statistics that show the daily number of visitors to our sites, the daily requests we receive for particular files on our Web sites, and what countries those requests come from. These aggregated statistics are used internally to better provide services to the public. The statistics contain no personal information and are not used to gather personal information.



If you choose to receive information from us such as publications, newsletters, or alerts by indicating your preference on our website, we will add your contact information to the relevant distribution lists maintained by our company. If you later decide to modify your preference, including adding or removing your name from a distribution list, or if you need to update your information, please contact us at



We will not release the personal information you provide via this Web site to third parties unless: you authorize us to do so;​ the release of the information is needed to accomplish the purpose for which you provide the information (for example, requesting a publication or asking the company to perform a particular service on your behalf);​ if the release of the information is required by law; or​ if the release of the information is pertinent to judicial or governmental investigations or proceedings. If you engage our services to sell your property or locate a property for you, we will maintain the personal information we receive from you, with the exceptions as noted above, regardless of how we may collect any personal information from you. In a real estate transaction, it is not uncommon for information to be obtained from you by mail, fax, personal delivery, web sites, or by e-mail. If you engage our services in a real estate transaction, you may authorize the agent, at the your instruction, to convey your personal information to service providers (for example, mortgage lenders and title companies) as those service providers may require for the products or services you need or request. We exercise reasonable discretion when discussing any personal information with others and do so only with your consent. Any written files we maintain are protected under lock and key. Electronic records are protected under an access name and password assigned to designated persons. All records containing any personal information are restricted to: (1) the agent(s) who service or coordinate the transaction; (2) the office manager to whom the agent reports; and (3) the principals of the company. We use reasonable measures to dispose of files containing personal information; usually shredding or burning documents, erasing electronic files by means that make the files unreadable or undecipherable, or by eradicating personal information from documents or electronic files in ways that make the personal information unreadable.


“Personal information” is defined as information that is obtained from a consumer report, or information that is obtained from you in connection with a financial product or service you obtain or seek to obtain from us. “Personal information” is also defined as your first name or initial and last name in combination with any of the following: (a) birth date; (b) social security number or other government issued identification number; (c) mother’s maiden name; (d) unique biometric data (fingerprint, voice print, retina image); (e) unique electronic identification number our routing code; (f) telecommunication access devices including debit or credit card information; or (g) financial institution account or information.

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