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Long-Term Project Management

Whether you’re planning a new residential development or undertaking the rehabilitation of an existing property, we can provide valuable project management assistance during the pre-construction and construction phases of your project. Before one shovel of dirt is turned, we prepare timelines and establish target dates for reaching significant project milestones. We assist with the selection of a highly qualified design team and then coordinate and direct the activities of the architect and other technical consultants to keep the project focused during the design phase.

By considering these issues early in the design process, we help our clients avoid costly mistakes and be confident that the final project can be efficiently operated and maintained. In addition, we guide projects through planning and zoning review and the often complex process of public agency approvals. We review final construction and bid documents, pre-qualify contractors and assist in evaluation and selection of the right contractor.

Construction Services

We provide project and construction management services for our own properties and for a wide variety of outside clients and organizations. We draw on our broad range of expertise – including property managers, developers, architects and contractors – to enable us to provide comprehensive construction or rehabilitation services that carry throughout the budget, design and construction processes.




We provide a team that will:

  • Assist with budget development and staffing plans

  • Review governing documents

  • Provide design input for optimal HOA operations

  • Give consulting on operation efficiencies to cut costs

  • Educate board members

  • Mitigate owners concerns

Document Review Services

The marriage of legal documents with an inviting and positive experience in the community can be a difficult arrangement. But this is where Action helps new developments. Our team of experienced professionals not only provides review and consultation on an association’s governing documents, but we are intentional about making those documents user friendly for the residents.

Advance Planning

What if you could reduce operating costs, make resident experiences more efficient, and improve the quality of the living experience in a new community? At Action, our advance planning team can help you do just that. With experience in streamlining both management and operations, we can help you make decisions that will turn a community into the perfect home.

DRE Budgets

Whether providing consultation on budget drafts developed by other consultants or developing and managing the budget process from start to finish, our team of DRE Budget experts provide a value that goes well beyond the DRE formulas and processes for budgeting. We introduce real life data and experience into the process to help each development arrive at a budget that is reasonable, practical, and able to deliver vision for the community.

Owner-Developer Relationship

The biggest threat to any new development is the potential for defect claims and litigation. Through a unique approach of segregating developer relationship and homeowner relationship responsibilities within the company, we have been able to more effectively facilitate communication when any perceived problems arrive and more often find resolutions that benefit everyone.

Board Education

The key to a new community is an effective board of directors. Action’s Board Leadership program provides a resource to assist new board members in understanding their roles and responsibilities, as well as equipping them with the knowledge needed to be effective in their roles.




The marriage of luxury hotel life with condominium living is a unique blend that requires a robust understanding of what both a hotel and a condo contribute to make a one-of-a-kind living experience. Like no one else on the West Coast, Action Property Management has developed this unique expertise through unparalleled experience, which allows us to deliver the quality of life you hope for when living in a hotel environment.

Our success is built on enduring partnerships with our developers and investors.



Assisting in new development of affordable housing is just one part of the puzzle. WNC is also focused on preserving the developments in our existing portfolio. To this end, we created Community Preservation Partners, a WNC partner company that helps us maximize our effectiveness in the growth and strengthening of affordable housing in the United States.




Building affordable housing is a complex business. Our clients require an equity partner who understands the intricacies of these transactions. They also need a partner with the flexibility and leadership to close the deals. We offer both, which is why developers choose to partner with us again and again.


Over the years, we’ve invested in every type of affordable housing property, helping our partners finance their projects using a wide range of tax credits and debt structures. It’s this extensive experience that allows us to provide developers with one of their most valued assets: predictable closings.



We play a variety of roles in community preservation and rehabilitation, including:


Purchasing the property or interests from owners seeking an exit strategy for their investment.



Cooper Housing Institute (CHI) is a nonprofit foundation that strives to make housing a priority in the United States by supporting research and programs that address housing affordability and homelessness.

WNC was established at the intersection of opportunity and impact. Following the passage of the Urban Development Act in 1968, Wilfred Cooper Sr. saw how this could provide investors and developers the incentives to generate not only stakeholder value, but social value as well in the form of community preservation and improved access to affordable housing.

Today, WNC is known as both the pioneer in the affordable housing space and a leader in tax credit syndication, community preservation services, and private equity fund management.

Mission-driven, versatile, and comprised of some of the most talented professionals in real estate, WNC utilizes the full force of its collaborative culture to create a powerful vertically-integrated organization. Together, the WNC entities have turned affordable housing investing and preservation services into a science, while ensuring hard-working individuals and families can live the American Dream.









Owner, Operator, Lender and Developer of Real Assets.

Creating Value. Enhancing Communities.

Ground-Up Development

Focuses on enhancing communities through new real estate and infrastructure projects.

Creating Value

We strive to identify each community’s unique needs, then deliver the real estate and infrastructure projects that will support their success. Our ground-up development strategy focuses on taking new assets from idea to inception, leveraging the expertise of our vertically integrated team.

Infrastructure Platform

Focuses on projects that provide necessary services to growing metropolitan communities.

Creating Value

Our infrastructure strategy emphasizes sustainability while providing public goods and services, which serve as basic pillars supporting the growth of metropolitan communities. We provide infrastructure opportunities for institutional partners and co‑investors as well as high-net-worth clients and family offices.

We may create value in infrastructure projects through any of the following methods:

  • Providing capital for construction

  • Expansion

  • Upgrades and improvements

  • We support communities through necessary infrastructure, including projects that facilitate responsible environmental practices.

  • Infrastructure Strategy Overview

  • Through our infrastructure strategy, we emphasize sustainability and provide necessary services to growing communities.

Hospitality Services

Leading strategic investment, development, & management of premiere hospitality assets.

From New York to California, CIM owns and operates a curated collection of independent boutique hotels, restaurants, and bars in some of the world’s most sought-after destinations. Our growing portfolio includes luxury, full-service and limited-service options from national flagship brands and independent names that have earned the exclusive Five Diamond accolade from AAA.

CIM Hospitality Services

CIM’s growing Hospitality Services Group is one of the nimblest investment and management groups in the hospitality industry. We invest in hotels throughout the country, striving to add value across market cycles and creating thousands of jobs.

Our hospitality team leverages over 100 years of combined experience to position CIM’s hotel assets to exceed expectations. From deal origination through ongoing hotel operations, the group plays a vital role in each step of the asset life cycle.

Our Capabilities

Throughout the development and design process, CIM provides perspective to maximize each asset’s success and ensure programming is consistent with the project’s business plan -- strategically, operationally, and aesthetically.

Hospitality Services offers a comprehensive suite of services to owners, developers, investors and operators, including:


    • Recapitalization and Disposition

      • Financing & Capitalization

      • Sale Preparation

      • Creative Financial Structing

    • Renewal

      • PIP Negotiation

      • ROI analyses

      • Technical Services & Development

      • Renovation Planning

      • Capital Project Oversight

    • Planning & Development

      • Location Identification

      • Underwriting Analysis

      • Feasibility

      • Technical Services

      • Development Support

      • FF&E Procurement

      • Concept Design

      • Vendor Identification and Negotiation

    • Pre-Opening & Operations

      • Human Resources - Staffing & Payroll

      • OS&E Procurement

      • Revenue Management & Purchasing

      • Organizational Chart/Operational Structure

      • Food & Beverage - Oversight

      • Brand, Amenity & Service Partnerships: F&B Spa, Fitness, Retail

      • Marketing - Branding & Programming

      • IT Services & Support


The expertise and experience provided by the Steadfast development team ensures a perfected approach to key development components—site selection, entitlements, design, value engineering, financing and construction management—culminating in strong value creation and environmentally sensitive projects.

Its long-time involvement with development projects has allowed Steadfast to assemble a strong cadre of professionals to participate in the successful development of its projects, including general contractors, architects, engineers, suppliers, attorneys and tax accountants, to name but a few. 

This experience evolves from all forms and types of commercial development—multifamily, senior living, office and industrial, with a current focus on multifamily developments throughout the Western and Southeastern United States.

Ground-Up Development Strategy: Focuses on taking new assets from idea to inception for disposition or long-term investment.

CIM Real Assets & Credit Fund - CIM Real Assets & Credit Fund (CIM RACR) is a continuously-offered closed-end interval fund that seeks to invest in a mix of institutional-quality real estate and credit assets. The fund intends to provide daily pricing and limited share redemption flexibility. CIM RACR's objective is to generate current income and preserve investors' capital, with a secondary objective of capital appreciation.

About Interval Funds

Interval funds are non-exchan

CIM RACR Investment Advisors

CIM RACR’s institutional investment advisors have decades of experience investing in real assets and credit.

ge-traded, closed-end funds that may appeal to individuals looking for opportunities to diversify their portfolios. Most interval funds do not trade on an exchange and are therefore not as directly influenced by market volatility.

Interval funds are required to offer to repurchase shares from shareholders during scheduled periods, or intervals. Repurchase offers typically take place on a quarterly basis at a price equal to the fund’s net asset value (NAV).


To continuously create value through these opportunities for investors and humanity through sustainable wealth creation.

Under the direction of veteran executives, our professionals strive to prevent problems rather than just solving them.

Management for condos that are part of a hotel setting.

The marriage of luxury hotel life with condominium living is a unique blend that requires a robust understanding of what both a hotel and a condo contribute to make a one-of-a-kind living experience. Like no one else on the West Coast, Action Property Management has developed this unique expertise through unparalleled experience, which allows us to deliver the quality of life you hope for when living in a hotel environment.

The expertise and experience provided by the development team ensures a perfected approach to key development components—site selection, entitlements, design, value engineering, financing and construction management—culminating in strong value creation and environmentally sensitive projects.

We may create opportunistic value through any of the following methods:​

  • Redevelopment

  • Adaptive reuse

  • value-add project

  • Acquisitions 

  • Property Dispositions

Asset Types

  • Commerical 

  • MultiFamily

  • Senior Living

  • Office

  • Industrial 

  • Storage Units



Credit Platform

We employ multiple credit strategies to support growth and provide resources communities need.

Creating Value

For more than 25 years, we have managed credit risk during dynamic market cycles. Our Credit Platform includes net-lease real estate occupied by credit tenants and commercial real estate debt where we leverage our experience as an owner, operator and developer to inform lending assumptions. We manage approximately $9.7 billion of liquid and illiquid credit-oriented assets.1

We focus on securing loans backed by high-quality real estate assets in major metropolitan and suburban markets with loan types we believe are underserved by traditional lenders.

  • Bridge Loans

  • Mortgage Loans

  • Redevelopment and Repositioning Loans

  • Construction Loans

We focus on loan types we believe are underserved by traditional lenders.

Credit Strategy Overview

Our credit strategy emphasizes loan types we believe are underserved by traditional lenders, including bridge, mortgage and construction loans.

Find the Right Agent

Buying a home is probably one of the most significant investments you'll ever make, and it's important that you hire a knowledgeable Realtor to guide you through the process. Friends and family can be good sources to refer their trusted real estate advisor. It's a good idea to interview at least three agents; you will be spending a fair amount of time with your Realtor, so it's important that you pick an agent with whom you feel comfortable and who you trust. Extensive knowledge about local market conditions and about the local community are important. But it's also important to be represented by an agent who will educate you about the process if this is your first home, and to be available to show you homes and provide advice.

About Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices is the only global real estate brokerage franchise that is boldly focused on building a personally connected future through relationship-driven business, with best-in-class leadership, mentorships, business tools and a worldwide network that's committed to making a lasting impact through life-long relationships. With more than 50,000 real estate professionals and nearly 1,600 officess across four continents and 13 countries and territories including, the U.S., Mexico, Europe, the Middle East, The Caribbean, and India, the network represents more than $154.7 billion (USD) in real este sales volume. Among the few organizations entrusted to use the world-renowned Berkshire Hathaway name, the network brings to the real estate market a definitive mark of trust, integrity, stability and longevity.

Who we are

The HomeServices of America enterprise is comprised of an ever-expanding family of market-leading real estate brokerages, mortgage companies, settlement service providers, insurance companies, corporate relocation and affiliated businesses and we are the owners of the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and Real Living Real Estate franchise networks.

Although we have a national presence as the country's largest residential brokerage firm, our model is decidedly local. We believe that fundamentally, real estate is local and that buyers and sellers gravitate to professionals who know and understand the unique dynamics of their area, their community and their neighborhood.

At HomeServices, we are our companies and our mission is to be a superior provider of home ownership services in every market that we serve.

What we do

Real estate is important. It represents the boundaries of our most personal aspirations and for many, represents the largest transaction in their lives. But the experience of buying and selling a home can be difficult. Confusing. And laden with complexity. When we began in 1998, our goal was to change that. We developed a strategy that integrates all the pieces of the real estate transaction puzzle including mortgage, title, escrow, insurance and relocation into a suite of home services that work together. Today, while our companies each operate autonomously, they share the unifying priority of delivering an exceptional experience to customers throughout the home buying transaction process.

As the parent organization, we support our companies with technological innovation, operational excellence together with operational, legal and financial expertise to stay relevant throughout the home buying and home selling process.

Our reputation for honesty, integrity and operational excellence is proven in every transaction we make and our commitment to maintaining this standard is unwavering.

Industry Leadership

HomeServices has been at the forefront for advocating real estate brokers to retain and control their listing data. HomeServices has, and will continue to play a key leadership role in shaping the organizational structure of Upstream RE and Broker Public Portal and in attracting industry participants.

As an industry leader, we have a responsibility to actively participate in shaping our industry and its current and future business model. The HomeServices executive leadership and CEOs of our operating companies drive these important discussions as leaders within the National Association of Realtors, The Realty Alliance, Leading RE and at the regional and local levels of the MLS organizations..

Images shown are for illustration only and are not indicative of any fund asset.

Interval funds are generally suitable only for investors who can bear the risks associated with the limited liquidity of the fund and should be viewed as a long-term investment. All investing involves risk, including loss of principal. There can be no assurance that any fund will meet its objectives.

This is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation to purchase any security. Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the CIM Real Assets & Credit Fund (“Fund”) carefully before investing. This and other information are contained in the Fund’s prospectus, which may be obtained by contacting your financial professional or visiting Please read the prospectus carefully before you invest.

Below is a summary of some of the principal risks of investing in the Fund. For a more complete discussion of the risks of investing in the Fund, see “Risks” in the Fund’s prospectus. Shareholders should consider carefully the following principal risks before investing in the Fund:

  • Unlike shares of most closed-end funds, the Common Shares will not be listed on any securities exchange;

  • Although the Fund has a quarterly share repurchase program, there is no guarantee that an investor will be able to sell all of the Common Shares that the investor desires to sell. The Fund should therefore be considered to offer only limited liquidity;

  • The capital markets may experience periods of disruption and instability. Such market conditions may materially and adversely affect debt and equity capital markets, which may have a negative impact on the Fund’s business and operations;

  • If a shareholder is able to sell its Common Shares, the shareholder may receive less than its purchase price and the then current NAV per Common Share;

  • The Fund’s distributions may be funded from offering proceeds or borrowings, which may constitute a return of capital and reduce the amount of capital available to the Fund for investment. Although a return of capital will generally not be taxable to a shareholder, it would reduce the shareholder’s cost basis in the Common Shares and may result in higher capital gains taxes, or a lower capital loss, when Common Shares are sold. Any capital returned to shareholders through distributions will be distributed after payment of fees and expenses, as well as the sales load;

  • The Fund has limited operating history;

  • The Fund will be exposed to the risks related to investments in real estate, including risks related to the performance of the real estate market;

  • Because the Fund will concentrate its investments in the Real Estate industry, the Fund may experience more volatility and be exposed to greater risk than it would be if it held a more diversified portfolio;

  • The Fund’s investments in CMBS are subject to all of the risks of the underlying mortgage loans, including interest rate risk;

  • The Fund will primarily invest in real estate through its REIT Subsidiaries, which will be subject to regulatory requirements to qualify as a REIT. The failure of the Fund’s REIT Subsidiaries to qualify as REITs could have a negative impact on the Fund’s investment returns;

  • The Fund’s investments in second lien loans and unsecured loans are lower in priority of payment to Senior Secured Loans, they are subject to the additional risk;

  • The Fund’s investments in Broadly Syndicated Loans involve a number of significant risks;

  • The Fund’s investments in distressed credit investments have significant risk of loss, and the Fund’s efforts to protect its distressed credit investments may involve large costs and may not be successful;

  • The Fund’s credit and credit related investments will generally be in below investment grade instruments commonly referred to as “junk” or high-yield instruments and are regarded as predominantly speculative with respect to the issuer’s capacity to pay interest and repay principal;

  • The Fund’s credit and credit-related investments are subject to risk of covenant breach, which could jeopardize the borrower’s ability to meet its obligations under the debt or equity securities that the Fund holds.

  • The Fund is exposed to risks associated with changes in interest rates through its credit and credit-related investments. If interest rates fall, the Fund may not be able to generate income, and if interest rates rise, the Fund may incur more costs in connection with its use of leverage;

  • To qualify and remain eligible for the special tax treatment accorded to RICs and their shareholders under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”), the Fund must meet certain source-of-income, asset-diversification and annual distribution requirements, and failure to do so could result in the loss of RIC status.

  • Certain investments may be exposed to the credit risk of the counterparties with whom the Fund deals;

  • The valuation of securities or instruments that lack a central trading place (such as fixed-income securities or instruments) may carry greater risk than those that trade on an exchange;

  • The Fund has no fixed policy regarding portfolio maturity or duration. Holding long duration and long maturity investments will increase the Fund’s exposure to the credit and interest rate risks described above, including with respect to changes in interest rates through the Fund’s credit and credit-related investments as well as increased exposure to risk of loss;

  • The Fund may be materially adversely affected by market, economic and political conditions globally and in the jurisdictions and sectors in which the Fund invests. Accordingly, the Fund should be considered a speculative investment that entails substantial risks, and a prospective investor should invest in the Fund only if they can sustain a complete loss of their investment.

  • The Fund may make investments internationally, including in emerging markets. Therefore, the Fund has risks relating to international and emerging markets investing. Such risks include, but are not limited to, currency risks, greater volatility, less liquidity, greater custodial risks, less developed legal, tax, regulatory, financial reporting, accounting, and recordkeeping systems and greater political, social, and economic instability.

CCO Capital, LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC, is the exclusive wholesale marketing agent for CIM Real Assets & Credit Fund. ALPS Distributors, Inc., (1290 Broadway, Suite 1000, Denver, CO 80203, Member FINRA) is the distributor of CIM Real Assets & Credit Fund. CCO Capital and ALPS Distributors, Inc are not affiliated.

ALPS Control Number: CIM000252



The biggest mistake to avoid when selling your home is over pricing it. All home sellers have a price in mind that they'd like to receive for their home. If you're thinking about selling, contact a Lyon agent who will provide you with a detailed market analysis of your home's value at no cost or obligation. What you originally paid for your home (plus renovations) will have very little do with the asking price. Comps (comparatives) are the essential tool in determining a home's value. You will need a comparative market analysis, comparing what homes your size in your neighborhood sold for in the last year. Sellers rarely get a 100-percent return on recent repairs and upgrades (some have more impact than others) but those elements still play a part in the overall sale. 


you'll need to spend some time making your home immaculate before the Open House signs are set out Your agent will consult with you to determine if staging is necessary, as this often places for-sale homes at the top of the buyer's list. With the newest technology we provide professional photos, virtual tours, and drone footage for your property. Property Reports. Staging Insights Condition ranges from curb appeal to the overall structure and safety of your home. Fewer buyers will want a home that needs major work, so replacing a roof or repairing plumbing or heating/air systems can be beneficial. Minor upgrades or “freshening up” a home is vital. Fresh paint, replacing bad carpets or flooring, fixing doors and windows will put buyers at ease. Cosmetic enhancements like staging, de- cluttering, and creating a fresh and inviting space will make your home stand out to buyers.

3 / Item Title

Describe the item and include any relevant details. Click to edit the text.



Everyone wants the best possible terms when purchasing a home. However it's not always easy determining how much to offer, especially in the face of constantly changing market conditions. Your agent can help you craft a reasonable offer because he or she lives and breathes real estate and knows what it will take to get your offer accepted. In addition to sticking to your budget, your Realtor will review a range of factors including the number of for-sale homes competing for your offer, the terms sellers look for in a clean offer, and any additional terms that are likely to appeal to a specific seller. Whether the market favors buyers or sellers, there will always be comparable market data and fluctuating contractual terms that your agent will be able to analyze in order to help you craft and submit the winning offer!


A real estate purchase offer is a legally binding contract that a homebuyer uses to make an offer on a property. It is a document that contains information about the purchase transaction and the homebuyer's rights and obligations. The primary elements of the purchase offer include the offer price, down payment, earnest money deposit, and contractual dates that stipulate when the transaction will close and how many days the buyer has to meet certain conditions including the property inspection, appraisal and loan periods. Within the purchase offer, you will also commit to various additional details including escrow costs, real estate transfer taxes and if any local point of sale ordinances will be paid. Once your agent makes an offer to the seller's agent, you may need to negotiate counter offers to reach final agreement.


Once your offer has been accepted and your inspections completed, you will need to attend the closing, or settlement. The closing is the legal transfer of ownership from the seller to you. The title or escrow officer will prepare the HUD-1 Settlement Statement, which outlines all of the costs for both the buyer and the seller. You and your agent should schedule a walk-through of the home 24 hours prior to closing to ensure that any agreed-to repairs have been made and that the home is in the condition outlined in the contract. If the property does not meet the agreed-to terms, your agent can delay the closing or request money from the seller to fix any issues. Once the property meets with final approval, the buyer obtains the keys to his or her new home!


Right time to buy?

Whether you’re ready to buy a home tomorrow or in five years, we’re here to help. A home is an investment that comes with both benefits and risks. As we’ve covered the benefits, some risks with ownership include upfront down payment and closing costs, home depreciation, and illiquidity.